Uwell Valyrian Review



By Sean Brady @ 180 Smoke

Uwell gives a strong nod to Game on Thrones with the Valyrian sub-ohm tank. Constructed from “a form of metal that was forged in the days of the mighty Valyrian Freehold”, and featuring an innovative coil pin system, the tank is durable, visually appealing, and versatile—but is it a cloud chaser to rule them all?

Specs, and Contents:

Here’s a list of the specs for the device and the complete contents of the package, which I’ll go over in more detail.

Capacity: 5mL (8mL glass available separately)
Size: 25mm x 62.3mm
Three adjustable 3mm x 8.5mm bottom airflow channels
0.15ohm wide bore dual parallel coil matches with inner coil pins to adjust airflow
Unrestricted (95-120W, pre-installed)
Spiral (95-105W)
Wave (100-120W)
Multiple drip tip and o-ring color combinations
Heat insulated flip-to-fill cap with dual 5mm x 9mm fill ports

1 x Valyrian (coil installed with unrestricted pin)
1 x replacement glass
1 x replacement 0.15ohm Valyrian coil (1 pre-installed, 2 total)
1 x replacement drip tip (1 pre-installed, 2 total - different colors)
1 x spare parts pack (including different colored replacement o-rings)
2 x replacement coil pins: spiral & wave (unrestricted pre-installed)
1 x user manual & warning card

The Valyrian is well presented in a display tube, giving you a transparent 360 degree view of the tank while in the package, with the accessories hidden underneath. There’s plenty of space and all items are well packaged, but you’ll need to use tape to reseal the tube after it’s been opened.

Tank Overview:

The flip-to-fill top is designed to be easy to open while preventing spills. The button is inline with a raised ridge directly below the lid, so it doesn’t protrude but is still easy to access—even with pudgy thumbs like mine! The latch is firm, and the spring on the button is strong—perfectly hitting the balance between staying closed, and opening when wanted. After a few days in my pocket, I’m happy to report no accidents or leaks.

The drip tip has a slightly tapered edge and feels smooth against your lips. It has a 510 fitting, but the o-ring is inside the tank lid instead of on the drip tip. Standard 510 tips (with o-rings) will fit well on the tank, but the Valyrian tips will only fit in this setting. I usually opt to replace the tip with one of my own favorites, but found these quite enjoyable and stuck with them throughout the test.

The three bottom airflow channels are noticeably large, and matched in size by the huge 8mm bore of the 0.15ohm coil, which has two parallel coils in alignment (or “quad coils and parallel legs” as Uwell likes to say). After removing the coil, I was able to easily remove the unrestricted 510 coil pin by pushing up from the bottom with one of the other pins I was replacing it with. A spare insulator is included in the parts bag in case of damage or loss, but I’ve experienced no problems after swapping the pins several times for testing.

The different colored replacement/spare drip tip and o-rings are a nice feature, allowing you to customize the look of your tank some. I just wish they came with more!


Uwell is quite accurate with the 95-120W base rating on their Valyrian coils. Anything below was a complete waste of effort, giving me more air than vapor, and even creeping 5W over gave me a toasted flavor so quickly I backed off.

Using the unrestricted 510 coil pin with open airflow, I found the draw to be one of the most unrestricted of any factory coil I’ve ever tested, with a large cloud but not overly dense vapor. Closing the airflow vents eventually slowed the airflow and made the cloud denser, but still relatively light compared to the intake. Bring on the pins!

And bring on the warning: it’s going to be a bit messy. If you try to remove the coil with the tank more than half full, the e-liquid will overflow the chimney and run out the tip. Even then the coil will be saturated, so use gloves or a paper towel. Installing the coil back on top of the extended pin I was struck with how perfectly the formation aligned within the heart of the atomizer.

With the wave 510 pin installed and airflow channels wide open, I noticed little difference in the restriction but a definite increase in vapor density and flavor. As I closed off the airflow channels I found the density increased even more, and personally found it to be a marked improvement over the unrestricted pin.

Installing the spiral pin seemed to increase the vapor density even further, again to my enjoyment. Uwell advises you to drop the maximum power to 105W with the spiral 510 installed, but I found I was able to push it to 120W with no issues.

Overall Impressions:

Uwell has hit it out of the park with this beast of a cloud chaser tank, with a bit of pleasant surprise. Although I initially thought the swappable 510 coil pins were a bit gimmicky, they effectively allow you to alter the performance of the one coil, instead of having to change it - customization and money savings in one feature. The standard 5ml capacity will have you chucking a mass of clouds without having to refill, and the 8ml optional extended capacity is insane! Finally, the flip-to-fill top is incredibly sturdy and easy to use. And, although it doesn’t affect performance, the option to change up the drip tip and o-ring colors is another nice touch.

Flavor: 8/10
Cloud Production: 9/10
Construction/Durability: 9/10