V8 baby wont charge


so i have a v8 baby. i charged it all night and it was working just fine this morning. today i changed the coil and when to use it but it was blinking like it was dead. i plugged it in but the charging light wont stay on and it wont charge. i have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the tank. I just dont know what is wrong with it because it is fairly new.


Hey, so with the v8 baby stick, those types of devices with internal battery, it’s recommended to only leave it on charge for 1-2 hours or so. If you charge it all night long, it could fry the internal battery or cause other issues like what you have been experiencing. I would recommend contacting Smok and see if they will do a swap or exchange. Hope this helps and sheds some light on the situation. I’m very sorry that happend to you :frowning: I hope you get it fixed soon.


@abigail13 was it working before you changed the coil? If it was, the coil is likely not making a proper connection with the battery, so it’s flashing to give a warning. If you think this might be it, try tweaking with the tightness of your coil, or try replacing it again.