Vaper taking life insurance test


I’ve been vaping at 6mg. For about 2 years, never been a cigarette smoker. Now I have to give blood for life insurance policy as a non smoker so I need all traces of nicotine out of my system how long could or should this take. I buy 1 hundred ml bottle of juice every 4 weeks so I’m not a major caper, but do enjoy it don’t have any plans for quitting. Any help?


Your best bet would be cutting down to 0mg for the time being. Yes, going from 6mg to 0 is difficult but in your situation, it is ideal to hold off with the nicotine as you’re getting the test. I would say 3-4 weeks is ideal.


You have to just take it one step at a time, I know everyone says this but honestly tthats the right way to do it.