Vaping and Diabetes


I have Type 2 Diabetes, and wonder if the Vaping can affect Blood Glucose levels.Has anyone had any experience with this, as my self testing has been inconclusive?


@dattmann check out our article on vaping & diabetes here for more information:


@dattmann I have pre-diabetes and have noticed no change in my blood sugar levels since I started vaping (I test daily and sometimes more). Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling (most, if not all vapor); not ingesting. Also note that few e-liquids contain sugar because it interferes with the operation of the atomizer (sugar crystallizes and damages your coils).

Vaping actually has a secondary benefit in that you can vape sweet “tasting” liquids, tricking your brain: you get the sensation of sweet without actually eating it. I vape a product called “Apple Jacked” because I find the apple flavour satisfies my sweet tooth. I just keep a second tank loaded, pop it on, take a few hits, and then switch back to the tank with my ADV.