Vaping CBD


When I first started working for 180 Smoke Vape Store US, I knew nothing about vaping let alone CBD. Many people came in inquiring about it, from college athletes all the way to up to grandmas with crippling arthritis. There are so many products out there, and CBD is quite expensive, so you want to make sure you get a good quality brand. I really do believe in its effectiveness.
I have heard so many testimonials from those athletes that say they tend to heal quickly after injury and it has relieved constant aches and pains from getting older. I also know people who use it to treat epilepsy and it has been reported to reduce their seizures. What do you think about CBD? Is it the real deal or just a passing fad?


Hey, so right now scientists are still doing a lot of research on the benefits and properties that can effect us by using CBD and other components of marijuana. A lot of people can’t say for certain if it is guaranteed to work to help and or lessen pain because that are still in the middle of discovering what it can do. Although some benefits have been found such as pain relieving and what not, like i said before there is no absolute guarantee that it will work indefinitely for the health benefits listed above. Yes some people can see results on certain injuries or other health related issues but each person is different and reacts different to it’s use.
So if you do try it or use it, do it safely :slight_smile:


Great response! Yeah, it does seem to have some great benefits. I personally know a few people who have epilepsy that swear by it since marijuana is still making its way to being fully legal in the states. Everyone seems to be selling CBD here, though. A lot of the athletes at the college closest to our store really believe in the benefits and how good it makes them feel. I gave my mother some CBD massage oil for her fibromyalgia and it was a lifesaver for when she had to travel.