Vaping, Nicotine And Bladder Cancer: DEBUNKED



##Does Nicotine REALLY Lead to Bladder Cancer?

Last week, The Daily Mail, in addition to several other major news sources, reported on a study executed by the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville, the results of which showed that there is likely a link between nicotine and an increased risk of bladder cancer.

However, this research was quickly criticized by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, a Greek cardiologist and vaping expert, who pointed out the study’s inadequate sample size, lack of control group, and failure to verify that participants had indeed quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and were solely using e-cigarettes. In addition, reported levels of potential carcinogens, o-toluidine and 2-naphthylamine, were actually not significant enough to correlate the results with e-cigarette use, and could very well have been due to an external factor.

This is not to say that nicotine or e-cigarettes has absolutely nothing to do with an increased risk of bladder cancer, but rather that more peer-reviewed research must be done to verify the results of studies such as these. And, of course, that you should not automatically believe everything you read, even if it reported by a reputable source.