Vaping vs Heat not Burn


How does heat not burn compare to vaping?
I’ve been vaping for several years but could never get away from having the occasional smoke. Picked up an IQOS at 180 Smoke and been using it exclusively for about a week. I want to share my thoughts on the product for anyone else interested in this technology.

Overall impressions:
Very satisfying. The taste of the vapour from the IQOS does give you that tobacco throat hit which I haven’t been able to find using traditional vapes. The unit is pocketable, and I like that I do not have to worry about filling the device – just put the heat stick in and in a few seconds its ready to go. My only issue with the device so far is that it can only do one tobacco stick (session) before needing a 4 min charge. I guess it prevents you from chain-vaping it. But would be nice not to have to charge it every time.

I got the IQOS kit for $50, 160 of the heat sticks are 79$
First week I used 20 sticks. Meaning that it will be about $40 a month with my habits.
With e-liquid I typically use a 60ml a week which is $35 + 2-5$ on a coil (depending on the coil I use)
I notice I used the IQOS way less than I do vaping. If you are looking to save money, this probably isn’t the right option. Some of my friends smoke a pack a day, using this would be over 80$ a week vs vaping. I use it less often because I find it more satisfying not because I am holding back. When I vaped, I would vape throughout the day and get more cravings than I do when I use the IQOS.

The device itself is comparable to a 2-battery mod. The part which holds the tobacco, the holder, is similar to a chubby pen. The pen fits into the charger after every session to charge. Using the device daily I can say it is much easier than carrying a mod with e-juice. Not having to worry about having liquid on hand is nice when you go out. The tobacco comes in little gum pack-sized boxes and are easy to carry with you.

It does not taste exactly like a smoke. I get that since there is no burning. The sales staff told me that its as close as you can get to smoking without smoking and that seems right. The taste of tobacco is subtle but noticeable. It is drier than vaping, but still feels like vapor and not smoke. It tastes like tobacco. I used an Aspire Cleito tank before, this is definitely a tighter draw. It is more like the pen-shaped vapes in terms of draw.
I noticed as I vape the flavour diminishes and tastes harsher close to the end of the session.
There is a tobacco smell emanating from the device when you use it. Comparing to a traditional vape, there is more smell. The smell dissipates quickly like eliquid vapour but is more noticeable. I had used inside at a house party and people noticed.

Very basic. Coming from traditional vapes, I like not having to worry about changing the coil. I read reviews online mentioning that the blade (the heating element) breaks easily. I haven’t used the device long enough to know whether this is a problem, however I know the device comes with a 1 year warranty so I am no worried.
Cleaning the device, I tap on the tobacco holder and some tobacco dust falls out. There are also several cleaning tools you get in the box. I haven’t had a need to use them but I am expecting that they will be necessary a month or so in.

Would I recommend to a vaper?
If you miss the taste of a cigarette or find yourself smoking AND vaping – then yes. This device is worth a try. I find that I use it like a cigarette and am not vaping several hours a day (which is what I used to do with eliquid)
If you got into vaping to save money. The cost of the tobacco is higher than if you were buying eliquid. So maybe not for you.

Would I recommend to a smoker?
Yes. If you are smoking and looking to reduce all the chemicals you are breathing in, this device is for you. There is a bit of a learning curve compared to smoking, but its not rocket science. You will be getting the same throat hit you are used to but wont reek of smoke everywhere you go and the harm reduction element is enough for me to recommend to any smoker.


I personally prefer vaping overall, but this sounds like a good alternative for people who have tried vaping and can’t get into it (my father-in-law would be a clear example). Too bad I already got him a christmas gift this year. Might be a good option for birthday tho!


I would like to try the device once it becomes available in the states.


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