Vaporessa Nebula update help


Hello, is anybody else having difficulty updating their Nebula? I downloaded and installed the firmware but it’s horridly translated and anytime I click update it doesn’t do anything. I’ll click update and install in the help menu but that just launches the home website. I can’t find any update files online. This mod has been out for quite awhile, anyone know whats the deal? The mod hasn’t been burning right lately, it’s almost as if I’m getting dry hits when I know I just replaced the coil. I’m using universal coils, EUC 0.5 ohm clapton. Does anyone know what setting I’m supposed to smoke this coil at? There’s a ton of different settings, I’m pretty sure Ti is for titanium? Any help on this Nebula mod would be welcomed.

Thank you!


@hewcumber Hey Sean, I’m not really familiar with the Nebula, so I can’t really help out with the update there.

As for the mod settings though, it would depend on what type of metal your coils are made out of. If they’re kanthal, you should be using wattage (power) mode. Ni is for nickel, Ti is titanium, SS is stainless steel, and NiCr is nichrome. The coils you have are most likely made of kanthal. If you’re using the wrong setting, this could play a big role in giving you dry hits. The recommended wattage for the coil you’re using is 35-40 watts.


Thanks for the reply. I use EUC coils, and it says traditional under that title. It says they’re eco friendly and are 0.5 ohm,56-40w clapton. Nothing else is stated for information so I don’t know if it’s kanthal or not, but I suppose that’s the best guess?

Again, thanks for your reply. I’ll try using it at 35 watts, (I’ve been using power mode all along, but usually use it at 17-25watt margin.)


@hewcumber Yeah, if it doesn’t say, you can usually assume that it’s kanthal coils.

Seems like your wattage is actually pretty low then. What’s the VG/PG ratio of the juice you’re using?


I’m using a 70/30 juice. My wattage goes all the way up to 100 but I always tried it lower just cuz I thought I was over working the coils or something due to the dry hits. A lot of the time it isn’t exactly like a dry hit but more of bland hits. The flavor of the juices wouldnt be present at all. I’ve been using it at 35 yesterday and the flavor is definitely back. Maybe, with the coil I am using, I was only half ‘baking’ the juice and getting a half delivered product. Idk. Your recommendation has been working thus far so thank you.


@hewcumber No worries! Happy vaping!


hewcumber, would like to know what is your general experience with Vaporessa Nebula. have you ever tried others? do you think it is worth it? anyone having some experience please respond if you can and if you wish doing so. thanks!


Hello. My experience with the Nebula is good! The software is trash, though. That doesn’t effect me though, because I’m happy with the standard vaping experience. (I know some people like to customize the crap out of them, which I suppose you can do with this one too I guess.) What I like about the Nebula is the shape and contour. Small, but enough to comfortably hold on to. Looks great! I’ve used others and to me it feels the same. From what I gather from other vapers I know IRL is companies like Smok are good quality and are a staple. Can’t go wrong with that.