Vaporesso NRG Tank Review!



The NRG Tank is by far my favourite out of all tanks I’ve tried. Coming in at 5.6cm height and 26mm diameter you have a versatile range of options as to which mod you can pair it with. Initial criticisms came in about the NRG’s restricted airflow via the company’s unique decision to add a spit back guard. Personal preference does lead me to have bias on this design. Albeit the restricted airflow might be unpleasant for some, E.G. The Smok TFv8/12 crowd, I actually find a level of enhanced flavour is created. I have experience with Smok products, however I find anything past the Big Baby Beast is overpowered, not just in Wattage requirements per some of the more high end coils but also the air flow itself seems unpleasant. My preferred wattage ranges from 40-60 Watts meaning that the standard coils included within the initially purchased box suffice. Typically you’ll find GT4’s and GT8’s and both are friendly at a minimum 50 Watts. Alternatively there are 5 coils to choose from and each have their respective benefits and capacities. Personally I prefer the GT8’s longevity at a standard 50-60 watts. In summary, I find the NRG Tank by Vaporesso speaks for itself in both flavour and overall design.


Very nice


I’ve been using my NRG tank and I’ve been loving it. It also is compatible with hw3 coils or any baby beast coils and so far I’ve been using the hw3 0.2 ! It’s amazing that it’s versatile and compatible with many different coils!


Really works with all those coils! That’s awesome, good to know.


Now I know what my next tank will be!


I’ve heard from a coworker that Eleaf, Smok, and Vaporesso all use the same manufacturer for coils. This would explain this nifty universal compatibility.