Can vapor pen stainless steel coils be filled with lets say a gram of thick oil to be consumed throughout the day? If not are there any vaporizers for oil/wax that have a tank to hold more product for more continuous use? No loading other than the tank when low or empty.




It is possible depending on the viscosity of the liquid. However, you will burn your coils out much quicker so it wouldn’t be very cost efficient. We offer wax/oil pens such as the Yonan Evolve and the Dr.Dabber Lite but they are not tank style.


Are you referring to a particular style of coil?

There’s 3 methods for vaping extracts in a pen:

  • dilute it with the proper kind of mix (there’s a binder so it doesn’t separate) to make a thc laced e-liquid, and use any kind of sub-tank.
  • distillate is often sold pre-measured in single use tanks with standard Evo connections - using terpenes to flavor can help dilute the extract, but these are small atomizers (not much bigger than a pen cap) with a small coil, meant for thick oils.
  • using a wax/oil pen like the Evolve which is basically just an exposed coil, and vaping a dab at a time.

The most powerful and efficient is the third option. And it works far better if you go a little at a time, rather than loading a ton at once. That makes for more of a boiling pot of oil, and causes splash back against the coil cap and mouth piece.


Thank for sharing their options Sean!!