Vgod pro rda


Hello everyone,

I have had the vgod pro rda for a few months and i wanted to mention my thoughts on it as it has become my daily vape very quickly. The deck is very easy to use with velocity style posts and a decent juice well. The airflow is slightly tighter then most rdas I have used like the goon and twisted messes rdas, but I have grown to enjoy it quite a bit. The drip tip is made only for the specific rda but it is a decent size and I haven’t had an issue with it so far. This rda is one of my favorite cloud/flavour rdas with the bottom airflow. I was very surprised with the flavour I got from it with a simple 22 gage coil and clapton coils make it even better for flavour.

Both flavour chasers and the cloud chasers will definitely enjoy this rda with its simple design. If anyone else has some experience regarding this rda I would love to hear your thoughts.