Voltage issue


I have the Aspire Pegasus 70w box mod. I also have the Triton that came with the Odessey Kit, Nautilus 2(my favorite), Sense Blazer Nano, and Nautilus X. So here’s my problem: I really enjoy switching tanks whether because of its functionality or just to change juices. But lately I’ve been having an issue whenever I first put any of my tanks on my mod is pushing 7+ volts. Even if I turn my wattage to 1 it still pushes stupid high voltage. This has caused me to ruin a few coils. It seems that if I allow the tank and the mod to sit connected for a few minutes eventually I get a normal voltage and can turn my wattage to the recommended for the coil. But that’s a pain. Any idea why this is happening??


This could be a computer chip issue or the 510 connection. Unfortunately, Aspire no longer supports the Pegasus for firmware upgrades so I would recommend getting a new mod.


A new mod seems to be the solution. Such a shame, the Pegasus is gorgeous.


The Pegasus is beautiful! However, since it was released a couple years ago there have been a lot of advancements in vaping technology. I know you’re going to miss your Pegasus but I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the new mod you pick up!