What Are The Benefits Of Vaporizing Cannabis?



Vaporizing cannabis is a great option for both medical and recreational use. With a marijuana vaporizer, you can reduce the risk in smoking, save money, get your intended effects, and reduce the smell.

Reduce Risk

Although it’s not as dangerous tobacco smoking in terms of lethal chemical ingestion, burning marijuana still poses health risks. Anytime something that is combusted, carcinogens are produced in the smoke, which contribute to the mutation of cells in the body. If a lighter is used to ignite the cannabis, fumes of butane may be inhaled as well, contributing to a buildup of foreign toxins in the body.

Rather than directly burning, cannabis vaporizers gently bake the herb or concentrates, releasing the cannabinoids (including THC) without creating any carcinogens or other harmful byproducts.

Save Money

Although there is an upfront cost in buying a vaporizer, vaping cannabis actually saves money in the long run.

According to a collaborative study by California NORML and MAPS, vaporizing can release up to 46% of THC from marijuana, whereas smoking only releases 25%. (You can read the full study here.

This means that you actually get more out of your cannabis by vaporizing that smoking, and with stronger effects.

Get The Effects You Want

Speaking of effects, using a vaporizer gives you significantly more control over how your cannabis is ingested.

Depending on the strain, different temperatures will elicit different effects as a result. Some devices give temperature setting options, while others offer manual temperature adjustment. These devices are especially beneficial for medical marijuana users, as it can make treatment more direct and effective. However, this can be useful for recreational marijuana users as well.

Less Smell

Unlike combusted marijuana, vaporized herb exudes a much milder scent. This makes using cannabis more discrete and gives the user more flexibility in terms of where or when the product can be used.