What is nicotine salt e-liquid?



I am definitely not a chemist, but I’ve had the chance to try a few different nicotine salt e-liquids and was curious about the difference. I noticed a quicker hit, more similar in feeling to a traditional cigarette and think that these e-liquids are a great option for anyone who has already tried vaping and who has not yet been successful.

Up until now, the industry usually used ‘freebase nicotine’. Basically, nicotine itself is a base which is not very strong: the protons must be removed in order to prevent the nicotine molecules from becoming ions. Ions do not move through membranes very well and therefore do not affect the body much. De-protonating the nicotine or making it ‘freebase’ allows it to do so.

In order to create freebase nicotine companies use a negatively charged ammonia which strips away protons. After separating the nicotine from the salts it is able to be extracted with steam.

Nicotine salt was discovered when experts explored the differences in chemical composition between cigarettes and e-cigarettes: nicotine salts instead of free-base nicotine increased nicotine blood absorption. However, salt requires more heat in order to be inhaled and absorbed properly.

Nicotine salts are the natural state of nicotine in the tobacco leaf.

Nicotine salt e-liquids are able to give a smoker satisfaction more similar to a cigarette. This is in part due to the nicotine itself being smoother: a user is able to go with a higher nicotine strength before feeling uncomfortable. Nicotine salts are typically used in a high resistance low wattage set-up (most often closed or semi-closed system), in high PG e-liquid in order to achieve instant nicotine satisfaction.

The Salt Nix flavours @ 180 Smoke are available in 2% (20mg) or 4% (40mg). The 20mg would be recommended for someone vaping 6mg freebase nic or smoking less than 3/4’s of a pack a day. The 40mg would be recommended for vapers using 12mg freebase nic or smokers over 1 pack a day.




Great article, @kellyat180! Nicotine salt can be confusing, as it’s kind of a horse of a different colour compared to nicotine found in most e-liquids.


Thanks @kellyat180! I totally have a better understanding of the difference now.


Just picked some of this stuff up and man does it pack a punch in comparison to regular nic e-liquid! It’s nice though, I noticed that I’ve been vaping a lot less since filling up my Nautilus Mini.


Good read @kellyat180

I really like the French Vanilla. It’s not as strong as it sounds and it helps me vape less when I use it which is good for me


I love nic salt e-juice for situations where blowing clouds would be inappropriate - I do vape a lot less.

The French Vanilla is my favorite for sure :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’ve tried just about every different type of nicotine salt there is. It’s a tricky product to get right, but when it’s right it can be a truly exceptional experience. Of all the setups thought I would say that combining a Sourin Air with a 30mg and or 50mg is ideal. The best nicotine salts though by far would have to Salty Man and Solace Vapor. I’ve tried them both and the guys who put those two brands together really do care about their customers. When you order you get a custom box. I personally only mess with the 30mg’s though because the 50mg is to high for me, but then again, my friends rock the 50mg all day long. Nowadays I honestly can’t even use 0mg, 3mg, and or 6mg anymore because of nicotine salts, so I would watch out before you take them, they can be quite addicting.



You definitely have to be careful with your nicotine intake with the salts! It’s easy to sit there and puff on forgetting how strong it is because its just so smooth. I have to try to be mindful during usage and try and save it for when I need it - situations I might not want to blow a cloud in are where it comes in most handy for me.


Just bought this today!! WOW AMAZING!


Luuv this thread :heart:️Nic salt​:heart:️


Thank you kellyat180, what a great post and very helpful in understanding how it compares with the freebase nicotine we’re all used to using. I really like that you discussed the pharmacology so people can understand how it’s interacting with their body! I know you touched on it in your article, but I would clarify for newer vapers who may not be familiar with what closed/semi-closed systems are that Nicotine salt e-juice is NOT recommended for use in Subohm atomizers but for the Pod ( closed/semi-closed i.e. - JUUL, Von Erl, Myjet, etc.) units or MTL atomizers using coils above 1Ω. Thank you Kelly!


Awesome addition, @Av8tor!


Have tried subohm atomizers to no avail. 1 to 2 packs a day 30+years. Bought the aspire breeze recommended at my local vape shop. This has worked, the salts taste and act like a cigarette and i havent had one for over a week. Its pretty awesome


@Tia_Rucker Congrats!! Keep it up


Hi, I have the Aspire breeze as well & have smoked over 30 years as well. - my question to you, is - which nicotine salts do better for you? The 25s&30s or the 45s/50s/60s?
I ask because I have been getting the lower # of the nicotine salts ( until nic salts- I didn’t see quitting) I am hoping to quit -& it seems to be getting easier to turn to the vape instead but I am thinking the higher number would make the valing work better/faster so I don’t have to vape so much/ or as much at a time…


Really depends on how much you smoke but I’d start low and work your ways. IMO lower nic in the breeze is better


Great read!!


Awesome post!!