What Is The Difference Between Fixed And Variable Batteries?



Fixed Voltage/ Wattage Batteries

Fixed voltage/ wattage batteries only have one set output. These batteries are the most simplistic, as they do not have to be adjusted. In general, these types of batteries are paired with compatible tanks that require the exact amount of output that the fixed battery can provide. Because they can only be used at one voltage or wattage setting, these batteries are also faster to recharge than their variable counterparts.

Variable Voltage/ Wattage Batteries

Variable voltage/ wattage batteries allow the user to adjust the power output to their preferred level. These types of batteries will often have an adjustable dial or LCD screen where the voltage/wattage can be adjusted. A greater range of tanks can be used with variable batteries, as the voltage/wattage can be set within the specific range of a coil. Some variable voltage/wattage batteries may also include settings for temperature control, which is a different style of power measurement.