What Is Vaper's Tongue And How Do I Avoid It?



Vaper’s tongue, sometimes referred to as olfactory fatigue, is a state where you are unable to taste the full flavour of e-liquid after vaping it or other flavours over a period of time. When this is present, the subtleties of the e-liquid’s flavour will become dull and are usually no longer enjoyable. Vaper’s tongue will often persist even after changing your coil or cleaning your tank.

This can be an annoying problem for us vapers, as even our favourite e-liquids can lose their appeal.

Why Vaper’s Tongue Happens

Vaper’s tongue can occur for many reasons, but there are four main causes of it.

1. You’ve Vaped Too Much of the Same Flavour

Have you ever wondered why you don’t notice the smell of your own cologne or perfume an hour after you’ve sprayed it? This is because your brain has registered the smell, understands that it’s around, and shifts its focus to other more important tasks. The same thing happens with our taste buds. After tasting the same flavour over and over again for hours or even days, our taste buds become desensitized to that flavour.

Smell also plays a role in how we taste e-liquid. And once that smell isn’t as noticeable, the flavour will also be dampened.

2. You’re Dehydrated

Vaping dehydrates you, especially with e-liquid that is high in propylene glycol. If you’ve ever experienced dry mouth after vaping a lot, you’ll understand what I mean.

Being dehydrated is more than just being uncomfortable and thirsty. It also decreases the sensitivity of your tongue, and therefore makes your e-liquid taste bland and unsatisfying.

3. Your Taste Buds Are Damaged

Burning your tongue, frequently eat extremely spicy foods, or have an infection, you may have damaged your taste buds. This means that your tongue will not be able to detect flavours as well, which can lead to a higher frequency of vaper’s tongue.

Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain medications can also decrease your taste sensitivity temporarily and might make your e-liquid taste a little sub-par.

4. You’re Sick

Colds or any kind of respiratory illnesses will have a negative impact on your ability to taste. When it comes to vaping, this will also apply to your e-liquid.

##How You Can Fix It

There are a ton of anecdotal fixes for “curing” vaper’s tongue, but not all of them work for everyone.

Some of these include:

  • Using menthol e-liquid, whole milk, pickled ginger or unsalted crackers to cleanse your palate
  • Brushing your teeth or using mouth wash to rid any residue from your mouth
  • Smelling fresh coffee grounds to reset your olfactory sense
  • Eating soup
  • Drinking water

Or, some people just refrain from vaping for a number of hours or days.

Have you had experience with vaper’s tongue? If so, what method did you use to get rid of it?


I find that I have to drink water regularly while vaping. I also try to switch up my flavours often, and never vape more than 30mls of the same flavour before switching flavours. I find this helps me avoid vaper’s tongue because I’m not consistently using the same flavour. I typically tend to cycle between three or four different flavours. One bottle of strawberry, then a bottle of blue razz and so on.


I have heard people suggest using a tongue scraper regularly if its serious vapers’ tongue and every other option has been exhausted.