What Mode Should I Use On My Vape?



When you first start vaping, it can be a little confusing to navigate all of the features on your mod. But never fear! We’re here to explain it all to you so that you can start vaping how you want to.

First of all, you’ll want to know what type of wire your coils are made of. This will dictate which mode you should be using for best results.

Power Mode (Wattage/Voltage)

Power mode (wattage/voltage) is the most common and simplest mode to use. With this mode, you are setting the level of wattage (the measurement of power per second) or voltage (the force of that power).

In power mode, you can use kanthal, stainless steel (SS), and nichrome (nickel-chrome) coils. The vast majority of pre-made, mass produced coils are made out of kanthal wire, which is why power mode tends to win out over the others.

Temperature Control (TC) Mode

With temperature control, you are setting the exact temperature that you want your coils to consistently heat to. This is a great option if you really want to be more in control of your vaping experience.

Each TC-compatible wire is limited to its own specific setting, as their individual heating properties differ from one another. If you’re using temperature control, you’ll want to be sure that you use the correct mode for the wire of your coil.

Ni Mode (Nickel)

Nickel wire is known for its quick ramp-up speed, but it’s a softer metal that can sometimes be difficult to work with. Nickel coils should not be dry burned, as this can oxidize the metal and ruin your coils. In addition, nickel can sometimes cause a negative reaction in vapers who are allergic to the metal.

Ti Mode (Titanium)

Ti is short for titanium. Similarly to nickel, it has a fast ramp-up time, but solves nickel’s issue of allergic reactions. Titanium coils should also not be dry burned, as the wire will oxidize and ruin the coil.

SS Mode (Stainless Steel)

Stainless steel is by far the most versatile wire for coil building. Like nickel and titanium, it has an almost instant ramp up time, but they are safe to dry burn and do not cause allergic reactions. Stainless steel is especially popular because it can be used both in power and SS temperature control modes.

Bypass Mode

Bypass mode allows you to go beyond the set power or temperature and use the raw power of your battery to heat your coils. With bypass mode, you can build your coils at lower resistances than is normally accepted by power or temperature control mode. It is not recommended for inexperienced vapers to use this mode, as it could easily ruin your coils and burn your wick.

M1, M2, M3 (Memory)

An “M” setting refers to one or a number of memory settings that your device stores for you. You can set personalized power or temperature control settings for your convenience. On select devices, if you have a few different power or temperature settings that you normally use, you can set these as memory settings to you can easily scroll through them to change from one setting to another.

How Do I Switch Modes?

On most mods, you can normally change the mode of your device by clicking the fire button three times.

However, some mods have a different sequence of mode switching, by scrolling through your setting options, holding down a specific button, or something completely different. You’ll want to refer to your device’s manual for switching modes on your specific device.

Have questions about vape modes? Feel free to drop us a comment below!

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Except for above modes, My Aspire Archon mod has a mode called CFBP:grinning:


@Nick You’re absolutely right, I totally missed that one! CFBP mode is specifically offered on newer Aspire models and can be used to adjust the ramp up curve of your mod.


I think CFBP mode is not specifically offered on newer Aspire models.I saw the same functions on other mods, I don’t use this mode often
I like Archon’s design of five buttons most, so easy to change between wattage and TC mode
I think this is specifically on aspire mods


@Nick Yes, exactly! Aspire has been heading the 5 button design. You may similar systems come from other companies, but Aspire is known for that easy switch system.