What's wrong with my vape and can I fix it?



I ordered a OSUB King from the smok store and when it arrived I made sure the batteries were in correctly, then set up my tank, etc. but originally the mod wouldn’t turn on so I charged it. It turned on when I charged it but kept saying “check device”… I changed tanks, my batteries but still was doing the same thing. I think something’s wrong with my mod, would anyone have an idea as to what’s wrong and if it can be easily fixed? Btw I tried cleaning it as well for just in case of juice leakage, still wasn’t working.


Are you charging the batteries through the micro-USB port on the device or are you charging the batteries through a external battery charger?

Since the SMOK OSUB king kit is a dual batteries kit, I would highly recommend charging your batteries (18650) through an external battery charger. Charging through the micro-USB port is not recommended because it can potentially damage not only the computer chip but also charge the 18650 incorrectly. I would also make sure your batteries are married, meaning that the two batteries (18650) you’re using is discharging and recharging at the same time. If one of the batteries was previously used in another mod/device then discharge and recharge rate would be different.
Here is a link about battery safety:

If the problem continues, then I would recommend bringing back the kit to the store you purchased it and see if they have a warranty, if not you can also try contacting SMOK about the device as I believe they have a 30-60 days warranty on their products


Well I used the charger they gave me, but I also used different batteries with a different charger and the same one to see if that would work but it keeps doing the same thing.


Also when it turns on it goes straight to “check device” so I click 5 more times and it tells me the battery, the B battery stays at 0 even though it’s supposed to be fully charged, happens even with the other batteries.


You might have received a defect, if it this a lemon out of the box, you can always contact SMOK or the store you bought it from and ask for an exchange.


Thank you