What's your favourite kind of juice to vape?



What kind of e-liquid do you prefer? Tell me your favourite brand/flavour in the comments!

  • Dessert
  • Fruit
  • Coffee/Drink
  • Tobacco
  • Other (tell me in the comments)
  • Can’t decide

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tobacoo. the reason why it was so so hard for me to quit smoking (and still didn’t) is because i really love the tobacco smell. i used medications and many others things that were not helpful for me, simply because i really LOVE it and when you love something hard it’s hard to quit it.


@Usts1981 Fair point! I found that after I quit smoking, I didn’t want anything to do with tobacco flavours. I can see how it would be a familiar flavour for when you’re quitting though!


Peppermint Ice from Zeus.


Oh man! How could I have forgotten mint!


I really enjoy vaping on fruity flavors. Especially berry blast. It’s really refreshing and it’s not too sweet. I used to be into desserts but I realized how sweet it is and I’m constantly re building and re wicking every so often.


Yeah, the sweet flavours can really get to your coils! I’m in the same boat. My coils look like a dirty BBQ right now :expressionless:


:sob: it’s sad but honestly with a lot of sweetener it’s gonna kill the coils faster. I sometimes mix crystal clear if I ever find that a juice is overly sweet and it does help a little bit with my coils lasting a tad longer. I usually do 50/50


That’s actually a great tip! I love the lingering sweetness of juices though, so I’m destined to be cleaning the crap out of my coils :confused:


My Fav juice is Propaganda-Reform. I always Bought hardware and e liquid from Swiftsmoke .com