Where And How Is 180 Smoke E-Liquid Made?



All of 180 Smoke’s in house e-juices are produced and packaged in our facility in Ontario, Canada. Customer safety is the number one priority. All bottles have a seal on it and child-proof caps.

How are the e-liquids manufactured?

180 Smoke e-juices are produced and bottled by a team following fit-for-purpose cGMP practices in a specialized clean-room. In our bottling facility, each and every batch is steeped using our proprietary methodology to ensure we give you ready to use, great tasting e-juices. All ingredients are certified food grade. Each bottle has a batch-number associated with it to track and follow the details of production process. Each non-nicotine batch is soft tested by a tester group before being released to public. Nicotine juices go through further testing steps.

How are the e-liquid flavours developed?

180 Smoke has a separate lab that focuses on researching and creating new flavours, and improving current flavours. The team consists of mixologists, a bio-chemist, chemical engineer, and you—our customers. New flavours are then tested, voted on internally, and then finally selected by a mini crowd-sourcing process.