Which tank would you prefer? The Uforce by Voopoo, Baby Beast by Smok or Sense Blazor Pro?


Which tank would you prefer? The Uforce by Voopoo, Baby Beast by Smok or Sense Blazor Pro?


@Trusted please help



If you only want to choose one of the three tanks I will rate them below in order of desirability:

    i. Decent flavor and juice consumption
    ii. Coils are super easy to find
    Con- bit dated

  2. U-force by voopoo
    i. Amazing flavor even at low wattage
    ii. Great battery life out of your dual battery device
    Con- coils are harder to find, are currently available at 180 smoke vape store

  3. Blazer pro by Sense
    i. Best flavor and juice capacity among the three
    ii. Unique coils design
    Cons- you will go through an insane amount of juice and coils will be harder to find


    i. Extremely varsatile, can take mesh coils as well as regular baby beast coils
    ii. Great juice capacity for a small size tank
    iii. Mesh coils last a lot longer than standard coils
    Cons- really cant think of any!!!

  2. Fireluke Mesh by Freemax
    i. Best flavor tank out there!!!
    ii. Reported coil lasting 4 weeks/300ml of juice
    Cons- high juice consumption.

My money goes to TFV12 baby prince tank. Decision is yours


Great breakdown, @BEAR! Hopefully that helps you out, @jessvazquez7777 :smiley:


Out of those 3 I would probably choose the Baby Beast tank as it is compatible with the new baby prince mesh coils.


I’ll partially second the Baby Beast vote and suggest you get the TFV12 Baby instead. It’s got a larger tank capacity due to the bubble glass and a fill lid that actually locks in place to prevent leaks, but still uses the TFV8 Baby Beast coils. Actually extends the series with mesh too.


I will always agree with you about the mesh, @shivnibble


I personally prefer the baby beast. But if you can get, the big baby is better for the capacity (as well as it comes with the rba so you can build your coils). I like it just because it is versatile for the coils. You can actually use a variety of coils from different brands such as the vaporesso GT coils as well as the e-leaf hw2.


I LOVE the uforce !!! Great flavor!!!