Why Is My Mod Not Working?



Vape mods can seem like mysterious creatures. One moment they’re working fine, and the next they’re not firing. The good news is that there isn’t usually that much mystery involved, but instead, a number of known factors that can affect your e-cigarette mod and prevent it from working as usual.

We’ve listed some of the most common reasons why your mod might not be working below. And although it’s not an exhaustive list, it will likely help in getting your mod back in working condition.

Reasons Why Vape Mods Might Not Work

1. The device is off

It’s possible that your mod is not working because it’s actually turned off. Most devices can be turned back on by clicking the fire button 5 consecutive times. Refer to your mod’s user manual for more specific instructions.

2. The battery is not installed

In mods that require removable battery cells, the device will not work without the cells being properly installed. Make sure that your battery is placed in the proper position before attempting to turn it on.

3. The battery isn’t charged

Although we’d hope that all of our battery cells would stay charged all of the time, this unfortunately isn’t the case. Internal battery devices charge through micro USB cable, so if you’ve had it on the charger and it’s still not turning on, check to ensure that the charging cable is making a connection. If not, try using a different cable or different power source.

Most removable battery cells will come with only a tiny bit of charge, if any, for safety during transportation. We’d recommend charging your battery cells on an external battery charger to ensure that they are charging adequately and maintaining their health.

4. Your batteries have met their end

While rechargeable batteries give you the opportunity to continue using them over and over, even the most healthy of batteries will eventually meet their demise.

In the case of a removable battery mod, you can simply replace the old batteries with new cells. The batteries in internal battery mods cannot be replaced, so if your battery has failed, it would be time to look into getting a new mod.

5. The battery door is not closed

Depending on the style of mod you have, the battery’s connection may rely on the position of the battery door. Ensure that the battery door is locked in the proper position.

6. The mod is set to stealth mode, or the brightness is down

If your mod has accidentally changed settings, it may actually be on, but the screen may be turned off. Some devices have a setting called “stealth mode”, which enables the device to continue working while the screen itself is unlit. Alternately, the brightness setting of the mod may be turned down.

If your mod continues to fire your tank while looking to be turned off, this is likely the reason. You can adjust both the stealth mode and brightness settings in the settings menu of the device. Refer to the device’s user manual for further instruction.

7. The atomizer has failed

When an atomizer (or coil) is not making a proper connection with the mod, it will sometimes seem like it’s the mod that is malfunctioning. In most cases, the mod will turn on and show its display, but will either not respond when fired or show a “no atomizer” or similar warning.

This can happen if the coilhead is old or defective. Try replacing the coilhead with a new one.

8. Something is blocking the connection

If e-liquid has seeped down into the mod’s pin, this may be obstruction the mod’s ability to recognize the tank/atomizer. Try using a paper towel to clear any residue from the pin.

9. The mod or tank’s pin has recessed

Sometimes the battery center-pin or tank centre-pin can recede, resulting in the connection being broken. Most likely, this is due to the tank being screwed on too tightly (especially repeatedly over a matter of weeks) or impact from falling. Fixing this requires adjusting the pin of your device manually. If your device is still under warranty, we recommend contacting the manufacturer before trying to adjust the device yourself.

10. Physical or water damage

If you mod has taken a fall, or has been exposed to large amounts of liquid, permanent damage to the internal electronics may have resulted. Unfortunately, this type of damage will normally void any warranty left on the device, so it might be time to start looking for a new device.

When in doubt, it’s best to have your mod looked at by your local vape store. The staff will likely be able to troubleshoot your device or diagnose the problem.


If the device will not turn on, it probably means the battery is fried. This means mods will built in batteries are dead, and devices with removable batteries need a new 18650. If the new 18650 battery does not solve the issue, this may mean there is an internal connection that has broken.

Your mod could also be in stealth mode, which turns the screen completely off, regardless if the device is powered on or not. Simply look at your device manual, or google your device and look for how to turn stealth mode off.

Sometimes there are common issue with a specific model of device, and a simple google search will show you that there are a lot of people in the same situation as you. Luckily, there should also be troubleshooting tips or in some cases the unfortunate news that the device is unfixable.

There are a number of different reasons as to why a mod could not be working. It is best to try to troubleshooting. If you need help then go in to your local vape store with your device (I recommend 180 Smoke) and ask for some assistance.


Thank you for this! All it was is that my tank was screwed on too tight. I loosened it just a bit and it finally worked.