Why Is My Tank Leaking/ Spitting?



Leaking and/or spitting tanks are a common occurrence, and most often caused by small seemingly harmless errors. Although some tanks are constructionally more leak- or spit-resistant than others, all can have these problems when not in their most optimal condition.

If you find that your tank is leaking excessively, please check the following:


The coil is normally the main culprit of a leaking tank. If the coil is not seated securely in the base of your tank, e-liquid may seep down through the threading and out of the airflow holes.

Coils can also be at fault for leaking when they are not changed out regularly. Most coils contain cotton, which is the absorbent material used to soak up the e-liquid. Whether the coil is used frequently or not, e-liquid will eventually cause the cotton to break down and lose its absorbent properties, and rather than be retained in the coil, the e-liquid will begin to pass through the cotton freely. This also will create a build-up of e-liquid coming from the airflow holes. To ensure that your coil is in prime condition and avoid leaking, you’ll want to change it every 2 weeks on average.


Although the battery of a device seems to be completely separate from the issue of a leaky tank, it can contribute to an e-liquid leak.

When the wattage of a device’s battery is set too low, the coil is not adequately heated to vaporize the e-liquid, meaning that the absorbed liquid doesn’t have anywhere to go, and subsequently falls into the bottom of the coil and out the airflow. Most often, you can find the wattage range of your coil on the side of the coil’s casing itself. Aim for the median wattage within that range. This will ensure that the coil has enough power to vaporize the e-liquid without getting so hot that it burns the coil.

Similarly, an battery can sometimes not perform at the level required by the coil. Double check that your battery is fully charged when using, since the coil cannot be adequately heated at a low battery level. In the same way, older batteries may not be able to hold enough charge to properly power the coil. Most batteries will last between 4-12 months before their capacity is compromised.


Often, especially with tanks that provide large amounts of vapour, some of the vapour will be left inside of the coil after inhaling. This vapour may condense back into e-liquid and collect in the bottom of the coil, creating a leak from the airflow holes. To avoid this issue, please release the firing button of your device before finishing your inhale. This ensures that all of the vapour is cleared from the coil, preventing leakage. If the vapour from your device is too much to inhale, you may want to consider a different tank with lower vapour production.


Spitting can occur when the coil is not hot enough to vaporize all of the e-liquid it has absorbed. This can be caused by running your device at too low of a wattage, having low battery power, or using an older coil that can no longer create a barrier between the e-liquid and the device’s chimney. To solve this problem, ensure that your vape is set to the median wattage that you coil allows, or for fixed voltage devices, make sure that your battery is charged fully. You’ll also want to change your coil out at regular intervals (2 weeks is the average lifespan for a coil, but it can range anywhere between one to four weeks).

Check out this video for more ideas on how to solve problems with leaking or spitting.


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