Why Isn't My Device Making Vapour?



There are several reasons why your device is not making any vapour. Check the list below to see if any of these may be a solution.

Adjustable Airflow

Some devices provide adjustable airflow, allowing you to customize the style of inhale from your device. If the airflow is closed off, it will not allow air to pass through the coil, meaning that no vapour will be created.


If the airflow is open, the next thing to check is the coil. If it has been used for longer than two weeks, it is recommended that you replace it. A burnt or clogged coil may obstruct the airflow of your tank, making significantly less vapour than a fresh one.


If the coil is not the problem, you’ll want to take a look at your battery. The battery must be turned on to function, and must be charged to create optimal vapour. As the battery loses charge, it will often become weaker, creating less vapour.


Some new users don’t realize that they need both a tank and a mod! Suprisingly this happens somewhat often


If above are not the reason, and you have a good clean cool, it is also possible that your battery is not sending enough power to the coil, for it to heat up to the temperature needed for vaporizing the liquid.

(Too much would likely burn the coil, so the only last thing besides below is that it is a defective coil or not attached properly to the bottom that provides it the power.)

A battery may not be sending enough power because it doesn’t have the capacity range needed (check manual for power range or ask here),
or that it is not be charged enough,
or that its age or your charging patterns may have “aged” it, or the beating you give it by using and abusing,
any or all of them causes it to slowly die. Go ahead and try a vapeshop or a friend to test this.

Typically a coil provides the info about power needs (mostly in wattage) on the coil itself in very fine print. It will also have the coil resistance written on it in the same fine prints (check the packaging too if unable to read here for to due to the size, out coil position, or opaque tank cover). Typically 0.5 ohn (20W-30w)

If your battery (“mod”) doesn’t have the range, you can alternatively also get a coil in resistance (ohm) that supports it.


A really common issue I find is that people are not aware of their coil settings. Often times the settings are too low on the device and there is not enough power to create vapour from the coil. To solve this issue look for the recommended coil range for the coil you are using. This is generally found engraved on the coil, and/or written on the box.