Yocan evolve plus


Can I load larger dabs like .5 of a gram of thick oil or wax? So I don’t have to load it as much ability to come back to it a few times. I do leave my unit upright when not in use. Also when in use is it OK to take off the splatter cap while inhaling then put it back on when not in use? Thank you.




From my experience it’s better to keep loading smaller amounts than trying to just load a big ball. It allows the product to actually vaporize off the coil. If there’s too much, you end up with a boiling pool that will splash up and eventually plug the cap.

You can use the coil without a cap so long as you’re careful not to spill out melted product or splash it up into the mouthpiece, but given how prone the device is to having that happen it’s not advisable.

If you’re looking for something more powerful, I’d suggest checking out the TC Port - a portable e-nail, with all the power of a traditional dab rig.